Faculty members who wish to use classrooms, labs, or other spaces on campus to provide remote instruction or prepare instructional videos are asked to give advance notice to ensure the safety for our college community, and so District Police and Custodial Services are made aware of their presence. 

Please fill out the form below to indicate your specific need.

Please remember to practice social distancing measures and wash your hands frequently.  Disinfecting supplies will be provided by the district (when available) in the instructional spaces you request and we ask that you clean surfaces you have touched before and after your use.  Custodial Services staff will also be alerted to clean spaces used for instructional purposes.

NOTE:  If your request requires the presence of anyone other than yourself (e.g. classified support staff), please contact that individual’s supervisor and Vice President to make those arrangements.  Students are not allowed on campus for face-to-face instruction.

If you require more than one space, please fill out a separate form for each space.

Thank you.